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Antique Copper Water Heater

This water heater is from the years 1907 and is currently on display at our store, we have many other types of water heaters from this year and throughout different styles of water heating systems. This water heater is an addition to our store, so be sure to assess the rest of the inventory today.

Antique Copper Water Heater Walmart

This is a tank for the user, it is fabricated of solid Copper and features a faded design. It is old and first-class for the purpose it is used for, this tank is conjointly available in a glass topped version. This is a top-grade Antique Copper water heater, it is still power with a coal stove, and it is well-made with a built-in gas flame. It is a peerless asset any home with an outside refrigerator or coal stove, this is a beneficial old fashioned Copper water heater bucket pot. It presents a spout for uncomplicated cleaning and it is Antique solid, the pot is in unrivaled condition and is unrivalled for a new water heating system. This is a first-rate opportunity to have a new scouring and used Copper water heater in your home, this hot water bottle renders an Antique oval Copper design. It is a peerless gift for that special someone or for its facile to handle hot water function.